In Disaster we Create, God Forgives, Loves.

13 August 2014

It was the kind of phone call we all dread. My wife called and said “I wrecked the car, you’ll have to come and get me”. My heart raced as I asked for more detail. I gathered up my three kids and headed for the crash site. By the grace of God, my wife had only minor injuries.

Living Beyond Your Potential

28 July 2014

I hear things all the time like; “you can reach your potential” or “you have great potential”. And in this world, the attention we receive from others, and value attributed to us, are often based on the potential others see in us. But the love and possibilities we have in Christ Jesus go beyond the world’s value system and its criteria…

Where’s the Outrage? Jesus Knows!

09 July 2014

I first heard the news as I arrived at work one Summer morning. One of our regular customers was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was in his thirties, a husband and father of three. In a moment he was gone from this world.

Ageing Backwards

25 June 2014

In the 2008 film; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the idea of ageing backwards was played out in a creative but fictional drama. Brad Pitt’s character was born as an old man. He ages backwards throughout his life until he eventually dies as an infant. This was the first time I remember contemplating the idea of actually ageing backwards.

Overcoming Fear by Trusting in God’s Love

21 June 2014

Fear gets a bad rap. And it should. Fear has a way of stifling our efforts for a full life. Therefore, fear rarely gets good press. But fear actually plays a key role in a life that truly abounds in the grace of God.

Overcoming the Racial Divide

06 September 2013

The airways have been riddled with race talk in recent months. It’s troubling to endure a dialog that’s more like arguing than constructive discussion. With the Trayvon Martin case demanding center stage and more recent cases in the news, I continue to be saddened by our lack of progress concerning race relations.

Coffee with a King

18 May 2013

If you think the idea of sitting down with God and having a cup of coffee sounds trite, or insanely informal, you may be right. Many assume some level of formality is synonymous with respect for God. Or even being accepted by God.

Will Judas Iscariot be Forgiven?

02 April 2013

This question has come up many times over the three decades I’ve been involved in Christianity, and the answers aren’t easy. Some say that the grace of God will cover Judas’ actions because Jesus died for all sins. Others argue that because he helped bring about the death and resurrection of Christ, a role someone had to play, that he…

Jesus’ Name Still Has Power

28 March 2013

In February of 2010, a store owner in Frisco Texas was about to be robbed at gun-point by a hooded intruder. The owner pointed her finger at him and said; “In the name of Jesus, you get out of my store. I bind you by the power of the holy spirit.”

A No-Limits Love

16 March 2013

In his book What’s So Amazing About Grace, Philip Yancey explains that his goal was not to merely to explain or dissect the meaning of grace, but to convey it. In regards to God’s love for us, I believe the story below accomplishes the same goal.

The Power of Outgoing Love

09 March 2013

I never had so much fun remodeling a house. I usually did it for money, but not this time. I was able to set aside my greed and selfishness long enough to think about someone else. And it changed me.

A Sceptic Meets Hubble

17 February 2013

Science and Technology have come a long way in recent years. Especially in Astronomy. The Hubble Telescope and the Gravity Wave Telescope for example are two of the most impressive instruments ever created by human hands. In fact, these two telescopes are said to be the most precisely tuned instruments ever made. The degree of specificity to…