About Preston

Growing up in Texas, Preston found himself longing for more in life than what he saw around him. “I was around a lot of hard working and successful people, but I rarely saw real joy and peace among them. To the contrary, I witnessed a lot of anxiousness and unhappiness. This made a big impression on me early on, I sensed a contradiction in the pursuits of some and the misery it seemed to bring them.” Because of this early impression, Preston began a journey of trying to find out just what mattered in life and where authentic joy and happiness came from. “It was painful for me as a kid to feel so empty and depressed, but that longing served as a springboard from which to seek a better life, a more joyful way of living.”

Preston learned some truths during his teen years that would begin his search for a higher truth. “My father was a seeker of wisdom in general, and he exposed me to much of it early on, of which I’m grateful. It wasn’t Christian based necessarily, but it was a start. He would have me listen to records (vinyl) of Earl Nightingale and Norman Vincent Peale. Later I was exposed to Harvey MacKay, Wayne Dyer and other motivational speakers of the 1980’s and 90’s. I also read from publications like Bits and Pieces, Guidepost and others that served as sources of inspiration for the ideal life beyond just the big house and bank account, and I was very drawn to such ideals.” As a result, Preston’s passion to discover truth only deepened. Secular wisdom, however helpful to some degree, wasn’t enough for Preston. “I was really hungry for a message that was true to the core, and though I received much helpful guidance various sources, something was missing, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I didn’t know it at the time, but I needed much more than worldly wisdom, clever sayings and a motivational pep talk, especially if I were to really know life’s real meaning.”

Eventually, Preston would find truth, peace and a power for authentic living in the pages of the Christian Bible. He also found inspiration from books from authors like Philip Yancey, John Eldredge, George Mueller, George MacDonald, Jim Cymbala, C.S. Lewis and others. “It wasn’t until I happened upon the Christian message that my restless soul finally fell into the calm of peace. Both in the wisdom and teachings of Jesus, I found my deepest longings addressed. There’s a fullness, a completeness really I experience as I look into the life and truth that Jesus put forth to the world, and into the very person of Christ Jesus himself.”

Once Preston tasted freedom, kindness and authentic living through Christ Jesus, there was no looking back. He began to research the Bible more and continued to seek out the writings of those whose hearts had also been captured in the truth of Christ. All the reading and research, since 1982, eventually lead Preston to become a writer himself. “I had to write or I was going to go crazy” jokes Preston about why he began a writing career. “If I didn’t take all the amazing things that I both learned and experienced with God to others, I was going to explode.” It wasn’t enough for Preston to know so many amazing things about God and his love, he needed to be a part of bringing that great message to others. “I felt as if I had won the lottery of a lifetime, and I wanted others to know of God’s great hope and love, and his willingness to solve every hurt, right every wrong and dry every tear.”

Today, Preston continues to write and has future books in the works. But he’s also enjoys a remarkably full life with his wife Angela and their three daughters. They live in the San Antonio, Texas area.