21 June 2014

Overcoming Fear by Trusting in God’s Love

Fear gets a bad rap. And it should. Fear has a way of stifling our efforts for a full life. Therefore, fear rarely gets good press. But fear actually plays a key role in a life that truly abounds in the grace of God.

Years ago I had to face a daunting fact; I feared just about everything except God. I feared the loss of income, that I wouldn’t find the right person to marry and that Hollywood would never again produce a film worth watching. You name it, I feared it. But my problem wasn’t that I had fear as much as I didn’t take those fears to God.

I eventually understood that the Word of God speaks to our fears. It seems to suggest that we don’t simply overcome fear, but that we redirect our fear to God personally.

Fear plagues us humans. But to fear God is slightly different; it’s more like concerning ourselves primarily with what God thinks. What his will is. What he cares about. And trusting him with every need. EVERY NEED!

As we learn to turn to the God of love for every desire, fear and need, our lives will begin to abound in his amazing love. Really Abound. God responds best to those who put their complete trust in him.

“The fear of the Lord leads to life” Proverbs 19:23 NIV

As I learned to do this, all my petty fears began to wane. My life took on clarity, purpose, hope. Especially as I began to look more and more to the love of God. But don’t worry, as the reliable Word of God says; “perfect love drives out fear” 1 John 4:18 NIV.

With great generosity and kindness, God doesn’t insist that our fears disappear overnight. Or that we even abandon them up front. He just wants us to turn to him with those fears, and he’ll take it from there.

Yes, we began our walk by taking all our fears, cares and longings to God. Not by trying to overcome them on our own. And he’ll eventually turn those fears and concerns into a desire to completely trust in him and his love. And what a great desire that is.

As we grow in our love for the person of God as revealed through his son Christ Jesus, we’ll naturally leave fear behind. So don’t make “overcoming fear” your objective, focus rather on God’s love and give all to him. Fear simply can’t hold up under those circumstances. Fear in fact can’t exist in the presence of God.