The Man Who Hated His Country

10 July 2020

Once upon a time, there were two men who attended university together. They became great friends, but as their college years drew to a close, each man developed very different views on the country they shared. One loved his country with all his heart, and saw mostly good. The other hated the country passionately, and saw mostly bad. Because of…

Division, Hatred, Prejudice; There’s only One Solution.

22 June 2020

Perhaps there’s never been more division in the U.S. than there is today, except maybe during our Civil War. Just because we’re not settling our differences on the battle field doesn’t mean they’re any less palpable. The anger and resentment is over the top, especially as a bolder version of free speech emerges. Is the U.S. once again at…

3 Steps to Clear a Foggy Outlook.

04 June 2019

A heavy fog suddenly draped one of the world’s largest cities. Darkness reigned at noon as if midnight had arrived early. Those on foot managed the dense moist air while in route to work. Those in cars struggled to make out silhouettes of people through dirty windshields and frantic wiper blades. The lungs of many a soul struggled to find…

Will mere Civility be Enough?

28 June 2018

We elect and send our leaders to Washington to lead and govern on our behalf. I’m saddened however by the lack of constraint, professional discourse and basic courtesy expressed by our chosen leaders. Constant accusations of racism, ridiculous comparisons to Hitler and foul language of the worst kind are becoming the norm. Is this really who…


03 January 2018

1. Believe in the Forgiveness, Generosity and Love of God; Not a single one of us can take a single breath without it being a gift from God. His benevolence is nearly incomprehensible. Trust in this, it’s for you. As you do, the trajectory of your life will change.

The Value in Godly Love

17 October 2017

Tears flowed as she told me of horrid details of a tainted childhood. Struggling to articulate an ugly truth about her own father, the facts awkwardly came forth. As a friend, I sat and listened to her tragic story as she tried to come to terms with the bond of trust broken at an early age. Now grown, it appeared she was just then able to face a…

Natural Disasters Devastate; what we can’t see without them.

15 September 2017

Homes leveled by a raging storm, peoples dreams along with them. Once a carefully designed house, now only debris. Streets and back yards where kids once played, now small bodies of water filled with contaminants and electrical current. A lifetime’s worth of personal belongs gone in a matter of hours. Whole neighborhoods under water for the…

Does God Still Guide Nations, World Events?

30 August 2017

In his book 1776, David McCullough tells the story of the Revolutionary War from the perspective of the soldiers themselves. Accessing both American and British archives and some personal letters written by soldiers and officers alike, the Pulitzer Prize winning author weaves together a complex and often tragic telling of how the battle was…

Alzheimer’s Took Mom, not Jesus’ Presence

21 May 2017

It would be one of the last conversations I would have with Mom. It was 2016 and she was now succumbing to Alzheimer’s unrelenting grip. As we sat together in her small but comfortable living room, I tried to communicate with the woman who had been my Mom for half a century. Her fading into the unknown was unsettling, for she was only a…

When Life Gets Tough, Will I Remain?

04 May 2017

Her arms were shaking violently. Her facial cheeks bounced with the rhythm of the bumpy trail that lie just below her. Her expression conveyed anger, insecurity. Words of complaint rolled from her tongue as her bicycle rolled along the rock laden path. “daddy, I don’t think I can do this” she expressed with shaky voice and wavering…

Clarity in Colorado

15 March 2017

There’s a ski hill in between Snowmass Colorado and Aspen, it’s called Buttermilk. I once ascended it’s slopes to the highest possible point, and there I felt as if I were on top of the world. From its rising elevations, proud-standing trees, pure snow and pristine views, I looked across the Colorado landscape and caught a glimpse of…

Let True-Self Rise to the Top

28 September 2014

Like most folks I guess, I’m on this journey called life trying to figure out just who I am and what life is truly about. But it’s not easy. The world is a noisy place. The chatter is relentless. One’s individuality can easily get lost in a thousand conversations.